More than half the Canadians prefer best custom made suits to gain an eminent style, confidence and attention.


The best custom made suits, jackets and blazers leave a unique impression. Right from selection of unstitched blazer fabrics to the formation of a bespoke suit, everyone pours attention to finally dress in a comfortable attire. Gone are the days when you used to buy men’s blazer fabric from the marketplace and get it stitched from some traditional tailor. Fit2Suit has revolutionized the entire process that saves you money, time and energy.

The user compatible online shop at Fit2Suit presents a comprehensive range of unstitched blazer fabrics. You could find diversity in textured fabric and trendy designs.

3Rs of Fit2Suit  

Resizing facility of Fit2Suit enables the folks to readjust their fitting to a permissible extent.

Remodeling refers to execute alterations in the finished suit to make it fit-to-body.

Restyling allows the customers to get plausible change in the style of suit.

What to consider while choosing quality fabric for suits?

The final choice of unstitched blazer fabrics depends on capability of the choosers. Better to follow a few guidelines to ensure quality of cloth. Consider these tips whether you want a business attire or a casual dress or even a seasonal jacket!

  • Define your choice in terms of symmetrical or irregular textile design
  • Think which colour is compatible to your complexion and body features
  • Remember the occasion for which you need the best custom made suit
  • Decide on the type of fabric in correlation with your specific occasion

Online fabric store of Fit2Suit allows the customers to buy best quality fabric for suits. Since the store does not compromise over excellence, you do not need touching the material to affirm quality. Custom Made suits Toronto are in vogue. It seems outdated to just buy a branded stitched suit and test your mettle to get it altered. It mars the design.

Peeping into the history of modern suits

Beau Brummell, with the dawn of the 19th century, gave the concept of a complete suiting package. It passed through various considerations and became what we passionately wear today. From the frock coat of 1800s to the modern two-piece menswear, Beau Brummell deserves appreciation. He changed the trend in men’s suiting.

Thick woolen cloth and abrasive fabric became a fashion for the suits during early 1900s. The advent of three-piece suits gave birth to multifarious styles in dress shirts and high collars. Time took the humans to today’s best custom made suits chiefly stitched by the expert tailors of Fit2Suit.

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